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Givin’ it all

      Welcome to WONDERLAND. No, it's not a theme park, but the ride that we will take you on, is one that you won't want to miss, and one, that you will be wanting to take again and again. WONDERLAND is raw, hard and heavy rock 'n' roll with an in your face, balls to the wall sound with songs like "Rock N' Roll Suicide" "Contraband Baby" and "Give It All" that will take you to smoke filled, bourbon soaked hide-aways where you will lose your mind and your inhibition. WONDERLAND's music will make you move in ways you never thought you could, but always knew you wanted to. "I'd have to say, I think our songs are best heard live or thrown on full volume when you're in your car at 115km/h cruising down Highway 31 on a hot summers day" -BJ WONDERLAND Brett James Nick Amey Lucas Reay Simon Priestley Jessee Horan